Tuesday, October 14

What I've been doing - Part 2

After two weeks of painting, cleaning and putting her beautiful home back together (renter damage), we decided that it was time for a break and since it was her birthday, we were justified in running away! I took her up to a wonderful place called Apple Hill. It is miles of apple farms with all kinds of different things to see, eat, buy, eat, pet, eat....well, you get the picture. It is in the Sierra foothills and a wonderful place to go to recoup. One of our favorite places is the High Hill Ranch, their apple donuts are to die for! And, they are healthy because I said so. They have a pond that is stocked with fish where children can try their hand at fishing. The morning we were there, the fish were jumping out of the water like crazy! One even jumped and 'walked' across on his tail, yes he did! I kept trying to get a picture of it and after several tries I finally got two.

I don't know who was more interested in watching them jump, the little kids or us. I'm sure we were making too much noise each time we saw one jump. It doesn't take too much to make us happy!

We decided we wanted to 'pet' the fish, and we did! Have you ever done that? It is so cool, they just floated there and let us pet them! Of course, when I tried to actually pick one up he slipped right through my hand. Mommies were standing there with their children watching the crazy ladies trying to pet the fish.......no, we were not a good example.

Since it was her birthday I treated her to breakfast; coffee and apple donuts. Big spender I am! I also told her I would pay for all her treasure's she picked out, as her birthday gift. Apples and pears and peaches oh my! Pumpkins and cider and donuts to try! Silly gift and she loved it. She is also very easy to please. I think just getting out and in the fresh air and beautiful countryside was what we both needed. And, we had a lot of laughts and saw some VERY interesting people.
These people were the MOST interesting, they gave me permisson to take their picture and post it! (I hope they don't find by blog) They have FOUR dogs, in pouches. On their backs and fronts. Their story is that the dogs won't let them shop, so they put them in the pouches while they shop and take them out when they stop for a break.
We saw them again before we left and the dogs were out and playing and running around. I thought is was hilarious, Sherie thought they were 'weird'. The dogs were cute and funny, you could tell they were SO used to this. The mom was very friendly and was flattered that I wanted to take a picture, they were totally happy in their differentness!!!
Anyway, we had a wonderful day out and were ready to go back and get to work. Her house is looking GREAT................

Friday, October 10

What I've been up to - part 1

A couple of weeks ago I was in Lake Tahoe for a few days. The lake is amazing. The time there was too short, I wanted more. Cool days, clear nights; no cooking or cleaning, good food, no cooking or cleaning, oh did I already say that?! Some of my friends and I did a two hour tour on this boat. It was too short, I wanted more, sound familiar? I loved just sitting in a bean bag and no noise but the water lapping against the boat. If the people would have not talked I would have liked it more! But, I wasn't a grump about it. I let them have their fun too.

This is me, the face being in a shadow is a good thing.

I took this picture of the sails by lying down under them and taking the picture looking up. Don't worry, I didn't look weird, I was in the bean bag, even one of the other guests asked me to take one with his camera. I think it looks cool.

This picture was taken through the boards looking down into the lake. It didn't look to me like it was enough between me and the lake...but, I wasn't scared, it was too pretty and peaceful, except for the people that were talking........

At the resort where I was staying, a large group of quilters were there too. They were so cool about showing us what they were quilting, I was so impressed with their art and to me it is an art. They are there each year and the resort has their quilts hanging in each room instead of pictures. AMAZING!!!! There were many I would love to have. Ok, thats my part 1 up-date, this took all my energy to figure out how to put pictures in with my story, so I'm going to have to rest before I do part 2, it is a fun one!!! Ever seen a fish fly????

Wednesday, October 8


Boy have I messed this one up.....here is my facts, I hope.

1. I have some days that I feel invisible.
2. I would rather be outside than inside...however...
3. I love being in my sunroom with a book when it is raining.
4. I am quiet but have my 'loud' days.
5. Flowers make me happy.
6. Love being with people but can be uncomfortable in a crowd.
7. Am very flattered that Thorngren tagged me......

I've been tagged by Thorngren

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Well I don't know how to link to my tagger yet, but I'll learn for the future.

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