Monday, May 30

Trying to learn how to work with glass.

This is my latest attempt at trying to create something pretty and fun and maybe useful out of glass.  I enjoy working with the glass and the beautiful colors and waiting to see what the final results look like.   I wish I was learning quicker!  I will keep on trying until it ceases to be fun.  I already have an idea for what I want to try next.  I don't know if I will do anymore night lights but it was fun to check that process out.  The blue and yellow one is my favorite one, the green turned out to be a pretty shade. 

This one was fun to make and was the first one, so I was unsure of how to lay things out.  That is one of the things that attract me to glass, the results can be a surprise, sometimes good.....sometimes not so much.  So much to learn!
  LOVE how this votive turned out.  Since I didn't have a plan when I started laying out the glass, I was very happy with the results!

I already posted this glass piece, but I didn't have a hanger on it, so here is how it looks with it hanging.  

Monday, May 23

What I saw on my Walk

Took my camera on a walk this morning.  We have a lot of the things I love up here in my neighborhood.  Lots of Oak trees, birds, wild flowers (read weeds), and sometimes a view of the Sierra's with snow.  I just went on the short walk, next time I'll do the long walk and go into the group of homes next to mine.  They could be said to be the 'other side of the tracks', meaning the homes are way more 'bigger' and expensive than mine and they have moats (okay, it's a ditch, but a big one, my imagination says moat).

As I was starting on my walk the man and dog was passing by.  They walk every day.  We exchange good mornings and a thought or two.   As the man walks, he cleans up.  He picks up trash and puts it in the nearest trash can.  Picks up branches and tosses them out of the street, things like that.  Reminds me of my dad.  He was always picking up things out of the street or gutter, if they didn't belong there.  One time when I was very little he stopped the car on the side of the road, without saying anything to us, and got out and went back a ways to pick something he saw in the middle of the road.  It was a tool.  He just gets back into the car with his treasure.  He did things like that often.    Anyway, I like this man and his dog.   Sometimes his wife is with him.
 This is a sidewalk that doesn't go is strange.  There must have been a plan but who knows what it was.  There are two of these and one is very curvy so I call it the crooked mile, even if it is just a few yards long, little kids think it is fun for about 1 minute....
 That is my home with the red bushes.  I'm by a nature area *read drainage ditch and trees and berry bushes and of course weeds*.
 This stand of Oak trees is just down the street from my home.  I really want to go sit on that branch, but I don't want to scare the neighbors, or worry them that I'm strange.  I'm trying to keep that from them.
 Just some wild flower, weeds and of course California Poppy's.

 It is hard to see, but there is a lake in the distance.  I'm standing on a hill looking down into the fancy homes and the lake is in the background.  It's  Bass Lake ( reservoir), it is large enough to be home to Canadian geese and ducks of all kind.  About 7 years ago there was a pair of swans living there.  They had babies.  They came two years in a row but have not been back.  I'm positive they were swans!
 There are Blue Jays all over these here hills.  This one was the lookout I think.  Can you see him on the rock?
 This home has one of my favorite Oak trees in their yard.
 This is the point where I get see the Sierra's toward Lake Tahoe and when the clouds aren't low, I can see the snow.  They had more snow last week.  Crazy!!
 Just more of the trees.

 This is my all time favorite home site.  This development, as you can see, has no set yard structure.  Each lot is odd shaped because of the hills.  This home was built back on the lot to accommodate the Oak tree.  I love it..

 The next picture was also taken on a bit of a rise.  The odd shaped home in the distance, on the right, was the only home  on that hill when I moved into this development.  The cypress tree on the left, stood all by itself.  The building went crazy after I moved in.
 The stand of Oak trees by my home.

Monday, May 16

Crafts and Surprise Visit

My sister and I surprised our brother with a visit on his birthday.  And we did a good job of surprising him.  Woke him up from his afternoon nap and we didn't get shot for breaking and entering!  We were in Texas after all.    It took him a bit to realize the two strange women standing in his living room were his sisters.   He said it was the best Birthday ever!  I'm glad we were able to spent time with him and the coolest SIL ever.  They live beside a lake.  It is peaceful and beautiful.   Until, the most wicked lightening/thundering/wind storm hit.  We were there for the 'unusual'  weather.  Of course we were!   Anyway, I took some pictures of the lake and storm.  Where are the pictures of the people?  Good question, I was too focused on eating Texas food and not on my camera.

This picture is from the deck looking down to the lake.  I sat out here and had coffee a couple of times.  Even when it was cold.  There are all kinds of birds to watch and it is very quiet.
 This is a close up of a house being built by a man from Germany and a reality show he is doing of the progress.  All you can see is the tower and the dock.  We did drive(read sneak) down his drive to see the house and it is going to be beautiful when done.   This is actually on the other side of the lake from my bother but we would pass right by it on our way to town.
This is another shot of the lake at a friends place .  We just kinda barged in on their dock and they invited us over for an 'amazing' dinner.  They are both excellent cooks and their son is a chef.  They were very nice people.
 The next picture is of a storm we went through on our way to a 'real' German dinner.  Oh my goodness!!!!!  It was in a little German town with an interesting history.  This was our last night in Texas and I was wanting one  more day for more of the wonderful food we had in this short week.  And of course to visit with my brother and SIL!
 This little dog was my  mother's and this was what I did a lot of.  She is the sweetest little girl and was the best companion to my mom.  Notice I got a picture of her.....
 The travel mug is what I painted for my brother.  He likes to fish.

 While in Texas we went to Hobby Lobby!!!!!   Love that place.  I got the drawer pulls and thought they would be cool to use on my Family picture wall.  I think a small picture hung with black ribbon would look good on one of them.  I love the way it looks.  May have to get some to spell Ball to put on the other end of the hallway.  Maybe not, it might be too much??
 This is my first glass fusing piece I did at the new craft center.  I will be doing more work in glass, something about it makes me happy.
Thats all folks!