Friday, October 1

Things That Make Me Smile

It shouldn't surprise me when nature gives me an expected gift. But, it does. I have always loved nature. The spectacular way it 'shows' up when I need to be reminded that the little things in life are what brings joy into our days. The sky this evening was really weird for awhile; kind of a dirty yellow tint to it because of dry clouds moving over. Then it was like a switch was thrown and the sky was filled with color. I couldn't resist going out to get a look at the sky and when I saw it I just had to take pictures. So, here they are, because their beauty made me love the moment and made me smile. And sometimes thats all I need to be happy. I'm sure I will come back to this blog many times just to look at them and remember how I felt when I saw the sky. There was a plane flying through the scene so I took a close up of it. They must have had a front row seat of the view.

The above picture is the one that had the plane in it.

Within a few minutes the sky turned yet again; into grey clouds. I didn't take pictures of that.

The following picture is just a very very small look at something else that makes me smile almost every morning. Each day I sweep all the bark back into the planting areas and by evening the birds have made a mess again. This picture doesn't do justice to what it usually looks like once they get started! But, I do have to laugh at them cuz they just look so funny and busy kicking the bark all around looking for bugs.

The other close encounters with nature I had this week was, a baby snake in my garage. He was so tiny I could have step on him and squished him. He was really trying to hiss at me. I swept him out of the garage. I hate snakes, but he was little and one of the good kind. Then there was the lizard. I really don't like lizards either, he wanted in the garage too. Then there was a frog in the garage. I like frogs but I want them in the yard........ What is up with the garage??