Thursday, November 6

News from Chloe

Clara and I finally got to visit each other!! Our caregivers have both been so busy with doing things to their homes and have totally ignored us. We are not really complaining, but it was good to get out of the house. They did take us to this amazing little place for breakfast, but there were'nt any flowers on the table for us to eat; we just had to sit and watch them eat! They did let us sit on the table and talk to the other people that were having breakfast; they all thought we were so cute and kept saying ahhhhhhhhh, how sweet. When they found out we were from Germany, they were amazed! This little breakfast place is in a old historical town named Placerville up in the foothills of the Sierra's. It is an old house and you can actually sit outside in a kind of enclosed patio and watch the snow fall in the winter time.

Here is a picture of me and Clara sitting on the table watching all the people.

This is a picture of us with our caregivers and an aunt who is also named Clara ........they were happy to meet one another. Aunt Clara would like to have a friend like us.

After breakfast they took us to one of their favorite places to visit, Apple Hill. They let us watch the fish, but Clara was worried that one of the fish might jump up and bite her. She had heard that fish like little critters like us.....I told her she was safe as long as she didn't look at them....I told her, "don't make eye contact."

We had a very fun day and were so happy to see something new instead of all that noise and moving things around and painting that was going on at each of our new homes. We are very happy where we are, but we do miss our friends. Clara misses Antonio very much. I miss Henry. Until we get to go on another adventure, goodbye for now, keep crafting.