Friday, September 24

A Breath of Fresh Air

This past week I had the pleasure of staying in one of the most beautiful areas in California & Nevada. Of course that is my opinion. Lake Tahoe is not just one color, but many shades of blues and greens. Not being a professional photographer, I miss the mark big time, in trying to take pictures that remotely show it's beauty. So bear with my feeble attempt at capturing it's full impact. The wild life is abundant, complete with bears. I haven't seen one in the 5 years I've been going there. I plan on that not changing. The chipmunks and squirrels and assorted birds suit me fine!

This week was spent at a lodge with about 100 people, some I've know for a long time and some become new friends. It is a learning time and a playing time. And I don't have to cook or clean up the kitchen. The 3 big meals a day gets walked off a bit. Not enough, but ........

At this same time that we are at one of the lodges, another group of people are close by in another lodge and they always welcome us each year into their world of quilt making. They very kindly gave me permission to take a picture of them. They are so willing to share their beautiful quilts and the assorted projects that they are working on. One lady even allowed me and a friend to help her rearrange some of her pieces. I just knew it would look better with her yellow pieces in the four corners! She seemed to agree, but I didn't go back to see if she changed them back. She was very gracious! Last year I even got a idea for making wrapped bowls from one of the quilters. Quilters are good people!

My attempt at taking 'good' pic's of the lake.

The next picture was in trying to get the many colors of the water.. Not quite successful.

Close up of the sail boat. There is something peaceful to me about sail boats.

On Thursday morning at about 6:45 A.M. I went to get my morning coffee and happened to look out the window to see this incredible moon. I wasn't expecting this and had to go get my camera, forgetting my coffee. A friend said he had read that this was a Harvest Moon and it had been a long time since Tahoe had a Harvest Moon. Don't know it that is true or not, but I liked the idea that it was.

Tried a close-up.

On the same morning, like maybe a hour later, while eating breakfast I thought I saw a blimp. It was too far away to tell and no one else could make it out either. After a few minutes I realized it was a hot air balloon. Now I love hot air balloons, so it was run back to my room for my camera again (yes I should have just kept it with me) and by the time I got back I couldn't see it anymore. Very disappointed........then I happened to see a speck, in a space between tree branches and there it was. Using the close up thingie on my camera I was able to actually get a picture of it. Love my close up thingie.

I took an afternoon, by myself, quiet stroll, with camera in hand. At one of my stop and stares, I noticed that the way the water was moving caused bubbles and I thought it looked so refreshing and peaceful. Hope you can see the bubbles. This is a close up also. It is the little things that make me happy; in this case, moons, hot air balloons and bubbles!

A good swimming area.

I came across this area during my walk and stayed here for a long peaceful time. It would be a great place for a wedding or play. I'm sure that is what it is there for....

These little guys are all over the place and must be really used to us humans in 'their home'. This little one actually walked, well more of a scurry, over to within 2 feet of me and looked at me. I couldn't get a good picture of that since I didn't want to move. But, we had eye contact. He then hopped on this boulder and sat down and looked at me like I was suppose to do something. Can you tell that he is actually sitting on his little bum and holding his tiny hands (paws) together? It was the coolest thing ever.
When he was 'scurrying' toward me, I did for a moment wonder if I should be afraid and then had to giggle, I mean, what could something that tiny do to me!

The next two pictures are taken from a deck at the back of a little store called, "Bear Necessities". The deck has rocking chairs and on this particular afternoon, the store was closed and I had the deck all to myself. I did a whole lot o' rocking and listening to the water and watching the boats and all the critters. Only the lure of food got me off this deck.

And now, back home and to reality. Not sure if I'm ready for that or not. Escaping is good. Think the house cleaning can wait a couple more days. I think crafty sounds much better to do. My friend with whom I shared in this past weeks R & R showed me how to make a necklace out of fancy yarn. Hmmmmm just what I needed, another craft.

Friday, September 17

Catch-up Post

When you wait a few months before up-dating a blog, it gets confusing to create an interesting one. There seems to be too many things I want to put on the blog, so, why did I wait so long to up-date? Good question. Anyway, here is an assortment of things I've done and places I've gone to. I hope to do better about up-dating in the future. I do have some new things I am 'wanting' to do, don't know if I will be able to accomplish them or not. Time will tell.

This is a painting that Sherie requested. I like the way it looks in this spot.

The wrap bowl is for a friend as a thank you gift. I do like making these.

I did this painting for my bedroom. I had seen this idea in a store and decided to try it myself, I am very happy with it. The bird is actually the blue bird that is on my header.

I decided to repaint my kitchen wall that I had painted a faux brick a few years ago. I loved the brick look but it was like one day I got up and just had to repaint it. I'm just glad I like the way it turned out. This is before.

Another before.

And ta da......after. I love it!

Another after.

This is something I just kinda played with. It was a new brand of paint I was playing with and I decided I liked it too! It is Golden Heavy paint and with a glass bead gel over it. I do like color in case you were wondering....

I took a beginning glass class and made these flowers. I really expected them to be tacky, but, I
did like how they turned out. Hopefully I will do a few more classes with some pretty projects.

Made this skirt. I hadn't really done any sewing for quite a few years, so this was an easy pattern and I absolutely love it. I want to make one for winter out of a light wool, maybe..

A very sweet young woman, a friend of my daughter Sherie, gave me some knitting markers she had made. I wish I had taken a picture of her package before I opened it. She did a very professional job. Since I'm not a great knitter I decided to make them into a necklace. I did so without changing her markers in any way. So, if I ever get good enough to use them for the markers they were made for, I can.
I did get pictures of the packaging she made, to show.

I made the necklace and just used the markers as a drop. I love the way it turned out. It is jade and silver.

The picture below is of a new project I'm working on, I might succeed and then again I might not. I am enjoying trying.

Last time I was in Germany I saw tumbled glass used in landscaping. After much searching I finally found a company I could order it from. Something you may have guessed about me. I love glass and I love color......

The rest of the pictures are taken on outings or trips.

The following were taken in San Francisco at the Japanese Tea Gardens. This day was a record breaking hot day for San Francisco.....

You can't really appreciate how tall this bridge is from this picture. Just notice Sherie is walking sideways and holding on.

And she made me go up too.

This is on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge looking back across to San Francisco.

The following pictures were taken in Monterey and Carmel on a visit to see my granddaughter Corrie.

I wonder if the seal get to actually ride in the boats.......

It was one of those beautiful Monterey days.

I got to stay in the big yellow B & B years ago.

Corrie and I went to our favorite cheese shop in Carmel and got cheese and crackers and ate on the patio. Because we (I) was silly enough to wear the cheese hat; our picture will be on their website (so they said).

Corinnea this dog reminded me of Brink....

Can't have a beach without at least one kite.

These were two dragon kites. They were very cool in the way they moved.

Carmel Beach.

Monterey Greek Festival

I want the huge jar and pillar

Our token pictures.

Silomar Beach.

Marina State Beach.....

Surfing USA