Thursday, March 26

Spring Fever

This blog is just random pictures of my front and back yards. I've actually planted more flowers since I've taken the pictures, those will be for a later post. Not too much is blooming yet. The roses are getting some buds on them and hopefully I will have the first blooms soon. The cute snail is my favorite kind of snails. It's strange to think that as a little one, I loved to play with snails.......I know, weird, huh! Now when I see a snail, I throw it in the street, gross....

This is a pot by my front door and the flowers are left over from last summer, I actually had thought the petunia's had died. The white is almost blinding, I just love them. I don't expect them to be there long. Once the bad petunia worms hear about them, they be gone!

The little setting area was not there this time last year. I am enjoying experimenting with planting it. It is the place I have added to since this picture was taken. Once they get taller I will take a new picture. I put in some herbs there along with flowers. I just realized you can't really see the flower bed, oh well, like I said, next time. This setting up pictures for a blog is still confusing for me.

There are three roses bushes here, I check them everyday to watch for the roses to bloom. Once they bloom along with the lavender bush, it is quiet pretty.

This is in front of my porch,where I love to sit with a cup of coffee or tea and read. I pretty much did that all day today, except for the quick trip to the local nursery for more plants. It was too windy today to do much planting, maybe tomorrow will be better. I don't do wind......

These two pictures are of the side yard by the little stream. One of the Simplicity rose bushes has one little flower opened. When they are all blooming it is very pretty.

Just part of my indoor garden......

This is a little vistor I have often. She comes and drinks from the birds water fountain. She doesn't want me to get too close to her. I think she doesn't think I can see her hiding behind the fountain.

Here are some random shots of the backyard. It still needs so much work to get the winter damage cleaned up. The pots are sitting in front of arches that have solor lights on them, it is a fun touch at night time.

This is a very small patch of violets. I can't get them to spread and they totally stop blooming in summer. I used to make arrangements, at least I thought they were arrangements, out of violets when I was small, my mom had a special touch with flowers so her violets were always blooming and beautiful.

This is a evergreen pear and one of my favorite trees.

This tree is one of my favorites too. A weeping crabapple tree. It is always doing something and the birds love the berries. And since I love birds, it works for all.

This little patch of ground cover, don't ask, I forgot the name, anyway, it only blooms now and during the summer doesn't do much of anything, but I keep it around anyway.

The rosemary bush on the left is the BIGGEST rosemary bush I've ever seen, it actually continues on to the left for at least another five feet. The humming bird and little finches love it. Since it has flowers on it all year around, it is good food for the hummers.

I don't know if you can see the structure with little balls on it??? Corinnea got me the structure and as soon as the morning glory gets going I'll take a picture of it. The balls are more solor lights. Very effective. I'm hoping the lights will be pretty once the morning glory is all filled in and blooming.

OKAY, can't believe I'm putting a picture of my ulgy foot here, however; since my darling first daughter showed pictures of her cool boots, I thought I would show my new sandals. My second daughter works at the coolest shoe store ever, went there yesterday, she says, "mom... you gotta see these shoes". She fully knowing I would buy them, even though they are stupidly expensive. She is a bad daughter.......They are coming with me on my visit and I will wear them, hopefully there will be at least one day of sunshine.
Okay, that is my totally weird blog, no crafts, no projects, nothing to show off that I've created. I am creating something but won't be blogging about them........