Friday, November 26

Catch-Up Post

This post was to be mainly about Thanksgiving Day Dinner, complete with lots of pictures. Something happened and the pictures got deleted. All of them. We won't talk about how that happened. They were very fun pictures; imagine one of us playing Scrabble, one of the new puppy sleeping under the table, lots of the new puppy playing with us while we were playing Scrabble, a couple of Sherie checking the delicious turkey.....yep, they were good, but no one will ever see them! Tis a shame.

So, we have here an odd assortment of pictures. The first one is a painting I did for myself and I have hanging in my living room. TaDa!

The earrings are what I made Sherie for her birthday. My attempt at Chain Maille jewelry. This is a basic pattern for my first pair. I'm still practicing on different patterns and will see if I can do more.

Sherie and I have Birthdays very close together and we like to take a drive to Tahoe when the trees are changing colors for our Birthday outing. We found a darling place on a wharf to have lunch. It was a search to find it but well worth the endeavor.

The little building is where we ate.

We stayed in one of the cabins here two Christmas' ago. We stopped this time and got a coffee and just sat and enjoyed the beauty.

The following painting is one I was asked to do for a silent auction to be held in February. I hope someone buys it......

The following pictures are of my newest addition to my home. He is Green Man and was created by a friend; Jon with Carolina Carvings in South Carolina. When I saw the first Green Man he was on a beautiful gate and it was soooo cool! Recently Jon created a Green Man that could be hung on the wall for his wife. So, after some emails and pictures of wood, I got the third Green Man. He is made out of solid Rosewood and the color of the wood is dark and rich He has some character flaws, as we all do, but that just makes him more interesting. Right now he is resting on the fireplace mantle but we will be trying different places. I am very happy with him.