Tuesday, April 19

Little of This-Little of That

There is a new craft shop in town!  It is Craft Castle!!  We have been needing a place like this and I will probably be spending way too much time there.  They have it set up where you can just drop in and paint whenever you want.  I love it!  You pay a small studio fee of $8 and that covers your paint and the time, however long, to paint your item.  They are also going to have classes in glass work.  I am so there. We were even served coffee!  Anyway, the following projects are my first two projects.  The coffee mug is not great; I didn't have a plan.  But, it was fun to do.  I'm happier with the bowl.  I had a bit of a plan.  Now it is time to try something and really be serious about it.  

The Santa in the next picture is a project that I am too ashamed to say how long it has been sitting, waiting to be finished.  So, I won't.  The last two days of doing nothing but painting, has resulted in the top finally being completed!  The base it fits on will only take another day to complete and then what shall I do?  Maybe the sewing project that has been sitting for, lets see, a month? 

This little critter spend a day trying to tear my hanging basket apart to use for her nest.  She was fun to watch and since I hadn't put new flowers in it yet, I didn't mind.  She and her mate have built a nest in the same bush for the last 3 years or so.  I can watch mom and dad feed the baby's from inside my sun room.  

I had posted a picture of my first Blue Bird of the season in an earlier post; the next day he brought his lady with him for a drink at the fountain.

That's all I've been doing...........

Friday, April 8

My Daughter is Published

Check out her blog to see the exciting news!