Wednesday, August 10

A Little of Morro Bay, a Lot of Hearst Castle

WARNING-picture overload!

This is not going to have a lot of info on Morro Bay or Hearst Castle.  You can go on-line to learn about these places.  They are AMAZING!  This is a picture post, so if you are not into pictures, STOP right here.   There will be some comments because I just can't resist in making some notes here and there. 

Our tour of Hearst Castle was a private tour; we know the curator. He started working there when he was 17 and his knowledge of the family, the castle and Julia Morgan, the architect,  is without limit.  He and his wife were married there and she joined us on the tour.  It was their 30+ wedding anniversary.

We went into roped off rooms, didn't have to stay on the walking mats, used our flash and got up close and personal with the artifacts and objects.  In other words, we didn't have to follow the rules.  BUT, I must say, that we were VERY respectful and honored to have had this opportunity.  There was only one area we had to stay on the mats and not use our flash because of crossing paths with another, very large, tour group.  

There is so much information it has been hard in picking out the pictures. 

Anyway, here we go, enjoy the ride....

 Yep, the "rock" at sunset.  This was taken from our balcony.
 Morning mist.
 The seals would dive, the birds would go to that spot, the seal threw the fish in the air and the battle was on.  The seal pretty much won every time.  This was so entertaining to watch.  They have this relationship worked out.

 The Group.  Our guide, Hoyt, is the one with at the back with the beard.  

 This artifact is 200 years 'older' than Moses.
 This reminds me of Europe.  Much of the furnishings and artifacts are from Europe, especially Spain and Italy.
 Foot of one of the many beds in one of the many guest houses.
 Note:  I took a lot of pictures of the ceilings, they were a work of art in themselves.

 One of my friends standing in front of one of the many citrus trees on the property.  Hearst let the fruit stay on the trees, for the guests to see.  

 Persian tile, door and tile picture on wall.

 Door from Persia up close.

 This chest was designed to use when moving, items stored in drawers and secured.

 One of many Persian jars in this room.

 Really liked this lion and then noticed what was laying between his paws; took on a different meaning, but I still like it....
 Thought I  would add a people pic.

 At the indoor pool, the doors in this narrow hallway are private dressing rooms.

 Guess I'm writing more than I meant too.  But, this really needs an explanation.   This area was discovered in 1976 or 1978.  There is a very high stone wall around a terrace level, with stairs, that lead up to a large area before the bell tower/cathedral.  This caused some concern over how strong it was.  They started tapping it and found a hollow sound, opened it up and found this.  It is the original, outdoor area that Hearst had sealed up when he wanted to terrace the area and didn't want to tear this all out.  The picture hanging there is the original way it was. Evidently this had been forgotten.  It was so amazing to be able to see this.  Yes, I should have gotten a picture of the wall.

The artifacts sitting on the steps are just for viewing.  

 At this point we have walked up the stairs and are on top of where we were.
 I took this picture hoping to capture the sparkle of it.  It is carrera marble and it is beautiful!  As we know, back in the day, sculptures of the unclothed was a normal thing!  Just a note: there is so much marble and gold in this house!  Go figure!
 The rugs in storage, we are now in the archives that people don't get to see.  
 Talk about hand worked!  These are the originals.

 We are now in the room where things are taken care of, being ready to send to a special place to be repaired and such. And more artifacts and original drawings. The articles Hoyt is holding are OLD! 

 This is the room we had to share with another tour group.
  This lamp was all the way across the huge room.  It is an original Tiffany and the light and the people made it impossible to get a good pic.  It was so dark you couldn't see it.  I did this to it just so you could get a better look at it.  

 This picture is dark because we were not able to use flash while the other group was in the room.  These seats along the wall are created in a way that the religious authorities could lean against them and 'sit' and their long robes would hide the fact they were sitting....capice?
 The kitchen.

We are back in an archive room.   Rare book.

  Guest book.  Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks.  The guest would leave comments regarding their visit.

 The indoor pool.  Hoyt and his family have swam in this pool and they say it is extremely cold.

 The balcony on the left side, guess what that was used for.  Can you say cannonball?   

 Last morning in Morro Bay.