Wednesday, November 25

This & That - probably not that interesting!

Well since I can't post pictures of what I've been creating for Christmas; I will show you a few pictures of what is going on around my home.

The first three pictures are of Lake Tahoe taken this past September. I spent a week there with lots of rest and visiting with friends.

This little bird flew into the window and was really knocked koo koo. I took it inside and warmed him up for a bit, until his eyes quit spinning, they really did look that way.. he is back doing his usual thing of chasing off the other birds whenever he can. He does seem to have a knot on his head now!

And then there is the squirrel that likes the bird seed. I put up a special feeder for him with a corn cob in it and he will run past it to the bird feeder. Go figure! The pictures where taken from inside my sunroom through the screen, so they are not real clear.

I hung this seed sock up and within 24 hours they had it empty! They fought, yelled (as in loud chirping)and in general were very entertaining.
I haven't refilled the sock yet, I will, but I don't think I can afford to keep it filled all the time.

This is a picture of another work-in-progess. I seem to have a lot of WIP at my home. I had a pond/waterfall taken out and filled in and replaced with this fountain. I still have alot of rocks to relocate and I am thinking that a couple of Italian Cypress would look good along the fence line behind it and plants around it. I will bore you with finished pictures when it gets all done, probably next Spring! I am totally happy with this do-over.

I started putting out some Christmas decorations early, doing a little at a time. Here are some pictures of them so far. My decorating is kinda sparse and simple. I will hopefully get a tree this weekend and get the rest of the decorating done.

My mantle in the living room.

My Santa area! I love the Santas that don't look like the typical red suit Santa.

My little gourd Christmas penguins and I actually did paint these a few years ago!

Last year after Christmas, I saw all these woodland creatures on sale and just had to buy them. I couldn't think of what to do with them this season. I decide they belonged in the sunroom where they would be close to the outside creatures!

Okay, thats it for now. I hope when I hit post, the pictures and comments are where they are suppose to be!