Thursday, January 20

Time wasting rambleings!!!!

Lately it seems that my mind wanders a lot.  At times it wanders too much and I lose it.  I have determined that this year I will be more organized and it would help if the brain would co-operate.  I don't do New Years resolutions anymore, since I never followed through I decided it was a waste of brain time.  But, I do use the beginning of a new year to re-evaluate!   It is a good excuse to clean out closets and cupboards and garages.  It is also a good time to 'clean out' bad habits like wasting time, procrastinating, not exercising, putting off what you can do tomorrow; you get the idea.  I reconsider what 'good' I have done in the past year and I come up lacking, I fear.  There is so much more that I could have/should have done.   I have had conversations with my darling daughters about needing to get my life on more of a schedule.   It is time to do it!!!  Enough of the talking about it.   So, with my car filled with things to take to hospice, a beginning on cleaning out the garage, working on the exercising and meeting a friend that needed help; I'm on my way to improvement.....

Recently I heard an amazing lesson on TIME, of all things!  I needed to hear all the ways that time affects us.  I often hear the statement, "I don't have time."  I say it all the time.  But, there are some people that do
SO much with their 24 hour day and I wonder why I get so little done.  I know people that have time to help others and I wonder why I don't have the time to do more.  Everyone makes a mark on the world they live in; good or bad or indifferent.  Sometimes we forget that we are not invisible and that we do/can make a difference.  That is my opinion. I may be having a  day that I feel invisible and something will be said or happen to wake me up to the fact that I am not invisible, I can make a change, however small.

A very silly example of making a change, however small and unimportant, happened while taking a early morning 'stroll' in the fog.   I was definitely invisible that morning; no one was out.  The world was very quiet and still.  I was almost home (2 mile walk, woo hoo).  I started hearing voices, no, not in my head, they were real people.  Because of the rolling hills and curvey roads the sound of people talking echos and you can hear them even when they are far away.  So, I am listening to them, two couples plus dog, talking about having a big, unhealthy breakfast and laughting and generally enjoying their walk.  It was fun to listen to and made me smile and I felt a part of their conversation.  By the time they finally had caught up with me (yes, to pass me by) I was joining in their talk and told them they where making me hungry, that I hadn't had my breakfast fresh-fruit smoothie yet.  Well, then their conversation turned totally into talking about smoothies and who made the best ones, what kind they liked, their favorite fruits, how healthy they were and so forth.  So, as they are widening the distance between us and going up another street I hear the conversation that 'I' started.  I wonder what they would have talked about had I not spoken up?

I know this is a very strange example of affecting people or changing someone's day; it is so unimportant of a example.  However; what can be done if I help someone in some small way?  Bet it would help me more than the other person.  Get my mind in order instead of wandering, making better use of my time, and at the end of the day feeling like it was not a wasted day.  Maybe remembering there is a cause and effect would make me do better about scheduling my time, help me to be more organize.

I don't know if any of this makes ANY sense or not.  I do think I think too much about nothing and waste my time in doing so!   I apolize for taking so much of YOUR time and wasting it.  Now, go and do something meaningful.... and pick carefully what you are going to waste your time on!

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time!!!