Saturday, January 23

More Dot Paintings

The first picture is of the painting I did for Sherie, for Christmas, and I forgot to take a picture of it. I need to find out how to get the crystals to show up better in a picture, but you get the ideal.
The following pictures are of a painting I did for Roya, for Christmas, and actually just finished it. A bit late I am!!!!! I took shots from different angles in trying to catch a crystal sparkling. Also practiced on taking a close up. I think I need a class in picture taking!!!

Wednesday, January 6

Stuff and Holiday Stuff'

Beach and Carmel pictures were taken on Friday..........As usual, my pictures are not lined up the way I wanted them. The above picture is of the coast at Pacific Grove. Sherie, Corrie and I did some exploring on the day after Corrie presented her Capstone at CSUMB. The little gate in the picture below is in Carmel. The day was perfect for walking through the little village of Carmel and into many of the shops. The gate in the picture below was at one of the houses we passed. I want the gate!

I'm standing in front of the little cheese shop in Carmel; we bought cheese, salami, mustard and cookies and ate our lunch in the patio area of the little shops. And it was good!

On our walk down to the beach at Carmel, we came across this interesting guitar man with rabbit on head!!! The rabbit kept jumping up and down from his head.

Here is a couple shots of the ocean, there were surfers out there, but didn't get them in the pictures.

The following pictures are taken on Thursday.....The first one was at Hogs Breath Inn; we sat there for awhile before we went to Little Napoli for dinner.

After dinner we walked around looking at the Christmas decorations. I thought the window in the picture below was so glittery and pretty.

The next picture is of the middle of the main street in Carmel, it was decorated all the way down to the ocean.

There is a little park on the main street and we thought running and playing in it late at night was the smart thing to do! Not showing the other pictures of us acting like kids!
A better picture of the big tree...

Okay, the next pictures are of Corrie's presentation and us being proud!!!! These were taken earlier in the day on Thursday.

She did an amazing job on her presentation!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, now the Christmas gift pictures. Sherie and I have on some of our lovely gifts that Corinnea made us. I love my apron dress! She loves her coat!
These are a pair of slippers Sherie knitted and felted. I love them!

The two baskets are what I did for some Christmas gifts. This one is Roya's.
This one is Sherie's. I thought I had taken a picture of Corinnea's and Jessica's, but no, didn't!
The following items are some I did; I don't have a picture yet of the one I did for Sherie, that will follow on next post.
First one was for my sister.

Second one was Corinnea's.
The third one was for Jessica.
That's it folks!!!!!