Monday, February 21

Fun Fund Raising Evening

I have never been to a silent auction or live auction or for that matter, a fund raiser.  This past weekend I was happy to be going to my first and to actually be participating in it.  Also joining me from afar, were my two daughters and a grand daughter.  Thanks to Sherie and Corinnea and Jessica for their support and for the amazing creations that they donated.  Over $15,000 was raised to fund the adoption of two little ones into a safe, loving home.   Oh yea, that evening was amazing!   There were 3 auctioneers and they were funny!  They kept the bidding going and a couple of times harassed persuaded people to bid on an item.  It was held in the beautiful setting of a golf country club.  The dinner prepared by the country club was delightfully yummy.  The desserts were furnished by some ladies that created their favorite desserts for the event.  The food, teas/coffee and desserts where perfect.  I must insert here that this was the first fund raiser for the non-profit Sacred Selections to be held in this area and the success of it was amazing.

The pictures are for those that did not get to come, to be able to see what it was like.  I adjusted a couple of the pictures, in case you happen to notice some blurred spots.

 The painting I did for this event is in this bottom picture. Can you see it?
The following picture is showing the quilt made by Corinnea and the baby wrap made by Sherie.  The quilt went to a Grammy and the baby wrap to a young couple that are excepting their 3rd baby.
 This is a picture of the Growth Folio's that Jessica designs and makes.  They were both bought by mommies, of course!

The above picture and the one below is of a purse (the brown printed one) and 3 'green' shopping bag-key fob clutches that Corinnea created.  Three young girls set their eyes on the clutches and they were going to have them and 'no one' was about to over bid them...
I guess I was a bit a lot like the 3 young girls.  The coffee basket below was my one item I put a bid on and after a couple of people out bid me, I had to let them know that they should not do that.  Yes, its in my kitchen.  I did have to promise someone a cup of coffee. 

Eight of us went in together to bid on a private tour, of 'behind the scenes' of Hearst Castle. We have 'connections'!!!   I am really looking forward to that trip. 

It was a very fun evening, to say the least; lots of laughing, some tears when listening to the stories about the babies and wonderful people to spent time with.

This picture is just my token craft picture.  I finished this a couple of weeks ago.  It was an experiment in the colors and I'm not sure I like it......

Wednesday, February 9

People, Places & Things

We remember many things about people that we love and have had to say good-bye to.  Each person has their own traits, talents, habits, likes and dislikes.  But, we all have something that stands out in our personalities that people remember the most.  Besides loving to laugh and tease, my mom was known for her cooking.  Good ole Southern cooking with lots of bacon grease and sugar and eggs.  She could whip up a pie or cobble without thinking about it.  And her pie crusts, best ever.   My daughters Corinnea and Sherie got her talent for cooking.  They were blessed to have spend many times with her in the kitchen  as she cooked.  As I was trying to think of something creative and meaningful to get them for Christmas, the thought came to me of my mom's old cookbook and recipes that I had.  So, I created for them both (only got a picture of one of them) a picture using some of her actual recipes. I also made copies of some of the art work from her old cookbook to add to the 30's - 50's look.  I think they liked them very much!   Two days before I had to say good-bye to my mom, I made a promise to her.........this was a project to work on that promise.  It was good for me to do and I think for them also. 

The pictures are'nt great because of the reflection.  But, you get the idea.

Sometimes people come into your life for a short time, but in that time can make an impact on you.  One such young lady did that.  She has a gentle, kind spirit and never made me feel that there was a large age difference between us.  AND, just so happens she is  an amazing quilter and seamstress.    I was blessed to have been able to spend time with her doing crafts.  She was the young woman that taught me how to make the adorable and fun coasters.  I blogged about them in an earlier post.   Anyway, the time came for her and her husband  to move on.  I think of what I (and others) would have missed if his work had not brought them here for a short time; the great example of her gentleness and I do not exaggerate that fact.  To send her off with something to remember the crafting days she, I and some other friends had, I made a wrapped bowl for her.  I told her she can hide it in a cupboard, but she said that it would be used in her sewing room. 

After many months years of trying to decide what to put up at my living room window, I finally did it!!!  Change is good!  Between both my daughters ideals and their window dressings, this is what I came up with.  Now I wonder WHY OH WHY didn't I do this sooner.  The look is so much better, cozier, prettier; guess you could say I love it......

 Picture the big, wooded blinds with a window scarf above it and you will understand why I am loving this change so much.  Change change change.....isn't there a song!!

I spent a weekend with some very dear friends at Bodega Bay.  The weather was perfect, it wasn't crowded.  Kites were flying, seals and birds were swimming, good food was cooking, games were being played.  The trip was for fun, to be with friends.  It was also  for a good bye to a gentle man.  It was good to be together and to share memories . 
 Had to do one token sunset however uncolorful it turned out to be.
 I love it when the unexpected gift is presented to me.  Another very special friend asked me if I would like a sewing cabinet she didn't need.....Would I???????   Oh yes, I would.  So, gone is the shaky sewing table card table and in it's place is a for real sewing cabinet WITH STORAGE!!!  Guess what I have been playing with for the last two days!  I now have more room for my sewing corner of the sun room.  The sewing and crafts seem to be taking over the sun room....

 Are three pictures too many to post of my sewing corner?????   I think not.

Now, the next three pictures are of a 'Tea Party Hat' I created.  Yep, going to a tea party and there is a prize for the best hat....I want the prize, don't think I will win it because there are so many talented ladies that I will be up against.   But hoping that an Easter bunny tea hat will at least get some awwwww's, how cute!  Hmmmm, we will see!

I loved the baby chickies, had to have them...