Monday, February 21

Fun Fund Raising Evening

I have never been to a silent auction or live auction or for that matter, a fund raiser.  This past weekend I was happy to be going to my first and to actually be participating in it.  Also joining me from afar, were my two daughters and a grand daughter.  Thanks to Sherie and Corinnea and Jessica for their support and for the amazing creations that they donated.  Over $15,000 was raised to fund the adoption of two little ones into a safe, loving home.   Oh yea, that evening was amazing!   There were 3 auctioneers and they were funny!  They kept the bidding going and a couple of times harassed persuaded people to bid on an item.  It was held in the beautiful setting of a golf country club.  The dinner prepared by the country club was delightfully yummy.  The desserts were furnished by some ladies that created their favorite desserts for the event.  The food, teas/coffee and desserts where perfect.  I must insert here that this was the first fund raiser for the non-profit Sacred Selections to be held in this area and the success of it was amazing.

The pictures are for those that did not get to come, to be able to see what it was like.  I adjusted a couple of the pictures, in case you happen to notice some blurred spots.

 The painting I did for this event is in this bottom picture. Can you see it?
The following picture is showing the quilt made by Corinnea and the baby wrap made by Sherie.  The quilt went to a Grammy and the baby wrap to a young couple that are excepting their 3rd baby.
 This is a picture of the Growth Folio's that Jessica designs and makes.  They were both bought by mommies, of course!

The above picture and the one below is of a purse (the brown printed one) and 3 'green' shopping bag-key fob clutches that Corinnea created.  Three young girls set their eyes on the clutches and they were going to have them and 'no one' was about to over bid them...
I guess I was a bit a lot like the 3 young girls.  The coffee basket below was my one item I put a bid on and after a couple of people out bid me, I had to let them know that they should not do that.  Yes, its in my kitchen.  I did have to promise someone a cup of coffee. 

Eight of us went in together to bid on a private tour, of 'behind the scenes' of Hearst Castle. We have 'connections'!!!   I am really looking forward to that trip. 

It was a very fun evening, to say the least; lots of laughing, some tears when listening to the stories about the babies and wonderful people to spent time with.

This picture is just my token craft picture.  I finished this a couple of weeks ago.  It was an experiment in the colors and I'm not sure I like it......


Kelly's Korner said...

How fun! Neat to see all your things in an auction! :)

Corinnea said...

Glad you had a good time. It's a great cause to donate to!

I like your latest painting!

Jessica said...

I'm glad it went well!
Your painting is great!

Joan's Good Life said...

It looked and sounded like a total blast! And how could you NOT like your painting? It's fabulous! LOVE the color combos. Seriously, awesomely cool!

You are going to blog about the Hearst tour.... right?!

Norma's Nonsense said...

Thanks Joan for your flattering comment; my issue I have with this painting doesn't show up in the photo, the yellow and green are more intense than what I have used. But, it is happy! I will blog about the Hearst tour. We are talking about going around the first of August.

Vicki said...

That really does sound like fun! It's amazing how much fun good people can have doing good things!

Valerie Gardner said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, Norma. Glad you had a fun time for a good cause! And I really like your newest work!