Tuesday, March 29

Birds & Words Plus Easy Craft

A few posts back I talked about time.  One of the main points was my wasting of time.  Or at least that's what was in my mind.  The subject was brought to my mind by a lesson I had heard and since I had been thinking about my time wasting problem, it hit home.   Well, recently another statement was made during a lesson by the same person.  Very simply, "What you spent your time doing, is what you want to do!"  So, that makes me look at what I DO spent my time doing.  Am I liking what I am doing?  If not, why?  Just something else for me to consider. 
P.S.  I don't know if this applies to the time we spend working to make a living.  But, it would be great if our work was something we wanted to spend our time doing.  Just saying.

Another statement I heard that really made me stop and think is, "Most of your life will be defined by spontaneous responses and reactions."  I had to rethink this one often, still am.  I think back though the past at the times when it would have been better had I responded instead of reacting.  I think  a response usually means there has been some 'thinking' done before the mouth opens....whereas, a reaction is usually full of emotions, hurt feelings, so forth.  I wonder how many people whose feelings I have hurt or given the wrong impression when I didn't have that intention in my heart.  This can be applied in the work world, school world, friends and family world.  I definitely should have considered this while still working, it could have come in soooo handy.   It makes me consider that other people do this too, not meaning to, we are all human, so I shouldn't react to their reactions.  Could this be a circle?  Anyway, that is another look into my mind ramblings.   I can't wait to hear another, what I consider profound, statement. 

Okay, here are some pictures to finish this blog.  

I saw my first blue bird of the year yesterday.  He was taking a bath in my fountain  and was so cute!  I love him! My font just went crazy on  me.

 I made somemore of the coasters.  I like to have them around to give as thank you gifts.

 I like how they look in one of my wrapped bowls.
 Recently I learned how to do these.  They are just fun to make.  An old craft; new for me to do.
 Bye Bye....


Rhonda said...

Your bird pictures are beautiful. He was so blue. Love the socks.

Corinnea said...

Nice bird shot!! He is gorgeous.

You've been crafty lately! Very pretty things!

Jessica said...

Those bird pictures are really good! It took me a minute to realize that was the fountain in you back yard.

David & Christie Posey said...

Great thoughts, Norma!

Vicki said...

Act instead of re-act.
I agree. Being pro-active takes us to where we want to go. Being re-active takes us where others want us to go.