Monday, December 15

Merry Christmas to all

This is a before picture of our day-after Thanksgiving table. It was wonderful to have Jess and Matt and his parents along with Sherie and her family and a family friend, at my home for dinner. I put a table in my sun room so we could all eat together, I couldn't fit the food on it, but we could fit around it very cozily.

Just a couple of pic's during the eating.

Here is my tree. It is entirely decorated with German ornaments, with the exception of a couple of homemade ones. And a few candy canes.

These little guys I got in Oregon at a favorite store of mine. They had things from Norway, Sweden and such. After 20 years the store closed and is no longer there, very sad. These little guys just make me happy when I look at them. Their beards are made from Iceland sheep fur and the felt hats are from Sweden sheep fur. I really hate to put them away after the holidays, so I try to find places to have them out all year long. After all, we need things around us that make us happy! Plus, I really think they want to be out instead of packed away.

I have a little bit of decoration in the sun room. The penquin is one I had painted a few years ago and decided he would join us this year.

This little bear topper is very old. Corinnea made her plus about 5 more many, many, many (how many?) years ago. She likes being on the little tree, heights scare her.

See, it is a VERY little tree.

Miss Kitty likes HER tree. She says, "thank you for pulling it up for me".
She doesn't get to go outside, so this is her treat for the year, little does she know it is not real.

This is just a side note. One of the reasons I love where I live, in the country, is this! This hawk, amazing huge, was in my backyard. I was standing under the tree and listening to it's call. I could hear another hawk answering him. He was eyeing the little birds bathing and playing in the bird fountain!
Hope you enjoyed my up-date and that I didn't bore you too much.


corinnea said...

Very fun! Loved seeing your decorations. Was trying to tell someone about the bear topper the other day. She is so country but I still love her! That hawk is huge! At least the size of the one that tried to carry off my red bird in his cage that time!

insanely crafty said...

love the hawk... not so much the picture of me... we had a blast at thanksgiving - I cant believe it is almost christmas!!!

Norma's Nonsense said...

Yes the hawk was HUGE. I think he could have carried my fat cat off. And she is fat.

Not a thing wrong with your picture Miss Jess! Your time here was too short, there was more to show you.

thorngren said...

Loved your table and all your transferware. My grandmother had red goblets and had a maid help herself to all of them! I would have loved to have had them one day. I wonder every holiday if that maid feels guilty.

Norma's Nonsense said...

to Thorngren..............I'm glad you appreciated my table. Most of the dishes were sent to me by Corinnea as she found them in the markets and flea markets. I love them......I too have red goblets but only 4 so could not use them. I hope that whomever is using your grandmothers goblets loves them and feels they are precious.