Friday, September 4

Decorated Outdoor Room

I think I'm done with the decorating of my covered deck. That doesn't mean I won't be adding, changing or redoing it as time goes by. I am so enjoying this new space. Early morning is peaceful and with so many birds in my yard, it is a fun show too. Late afternoon is relaxing with a cup of coffee. The evening is festive once the solar lights around the top comes on and the battery powered candles come on, along with the other solar lights in the yard. I'm am so into those solar lights. You can put them anywhere with ease.

This first picture is taken from inside my sun room looking out and with the Ikea (love Ikea) curtains loose. I love the way they billow. Reminds me of the song, "the answer is blowing in the wind", with my answer being, yes I love it!!!

This picture is from the other side.

The other pictures are just from different angles..

My cat would really like to roam outside and I won't let her.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my fun project. I have to dig up another yard project to do now. Quite literally, dig...........which means more plants need to be put in and hopefully a small kitchen garden. Very small kitchen garden! I also need to get the small waterfall back up and running. There is always something. I'm doing some art work but can't post it. It's a secret!!!!!


insanely crafty said...


Mary said...

I looks like it came right out of a magazine, so relaxing to. Nice Job!

corinnea said...

Everything looks just gorgeous! I love the way it turned out, I think I'd be out there all the time! Poor miss kitty, never allowed to run free. ha ha ha

Carol told me to tell you that she thinks it's gorgeous too!

Joan's Good Life said...

Oh my goodness! It really does look like it came out of a magazine! You've done a fabulous job! Your vision for the space is spectacular!