Tuesday, March 30

New Post

Got up this morning to a Spring storm. I'm okay with that because I'm not having to start watering my yard yet. Made my way into the kitchen (it's a very short walk) to start the coffee. My habit is to peek out at the birds first thing, to see them flitting around, it just makes me smile. They are at the feeder or bathing in the fountain, I saw a flash of gray, something large. It was a very pretty cat, jumping to catch a bird. I love cats, I love birds, it is a mixed bag of emotions. She didn't get the bird and I proceeded to chase her away. She was not happy, she repaid me by literally crawling on top of one of my plants and lowering her little tush to 'water' the plant, that showed me!!!!!!!!! She reminded of the sassy cat in Lady and The Tramp. Gotta love the critters.

I recently did another painting using colors suggested to me by a young friend. I did have a bit of a time with the brown and blues, although I do love that color combination, I have that color theme my guest room. But, I'm glad I tried it! I like the way it turned out and the young lady is actually buying it to hang in her home. That is so cool!!!!! I just hope she is not disappointed in the way it looks in her home.

The next pictures are just some of the early color in my backyard. I am in the process of planting around the fountain that I had installed back in October. I have some strange ideas for it, just hope it turns out good and not too weird looking. I will post pictures of it when done.

The next two pictures are of my amazing jacket and the lavender shopping bag Corinnea made me. "We" had our first shopping day and we were styling......the red bag is one I got in Germany. I did feel more important than the other people that were shopping. I don't know if they knew I was more important, but I didn't care, I knew I was more important!!! My dinner was especially good that night, rightly fitting for a important person. I know, I'm weird!!!

Next two pictures are me wearing my amazing jacket. I love everything about it and have gotten so many complements on it. I actually feel very sassy in it. I am sooooooo blessed to have two amazing daughters that are talented is so many ways. Have I said amazing enough????

Okay, here are a couple of scarfs I've made. Yes, the blue one is upside down....it adds interest to a potentially boring post, so just go with it!!!!!

I love the way this white one turned out. My knitting expert daughter, Sherie, could tell you what kind of yarn this is, I don't remember. I do good just getting something knitted. It is a 'spendy' yarn, but worth the look. The cool thing about it is that it hides the mistakes. I took it apart and started over at least 3 times and finally just 'went with it', mistakes and all.

I'm working on another painting, one for my living room. Hope to have it done soon and will post it.


corinnea said...

I really like your brown and blue painting. Glad Melissa liked it too!
You look so cute and important in the jacket. Guess I should have made a coordinating bag but that might have been icky.
Cool scarves! Especially the upside-down one....

sherie lee said...

The painting is even more beautiful in person!!!!!!

insanely crafty said...

ohhh I like the new painting! brown and blue look great together!
love the scarfs!

lizy said...

Your paintings are amazing. Love the color combination. You are definitely styling with your new jacket, you look beautiful.