Friday, April 30

Birds and Blooms + critter

This is a warning........if you do not like pictures of critters and flowers, stop here and retreat! If you are curious, continue. Most of the critter pictures were taken from inside my sunroom, through glass and screen. For some reason the birds and squirrels will not sit still for me to go outside to get better pictures of them. I don't know why, it is a mystery. Anyway, you will probably think I have nothing better to do, but, I do! I just get distracted easily. And I do love the outside drama that these critters provide.
This first picture is not great, but there is a good reason it is here. You really have to look close at the top of the fence. I've never seen this little one before. He is tiny and at first I thought maybe I had a Painted Bunting, but I don't know. It looks like a Bluebird. The second picture is a bit clearer. He only stayed for a second and has not been back.
I tried to enlarge it so I could see it better....



More flowers. These are really a beautiful color, doesn't show up well here. Okay, it's really my pictures taking! Too much sun, too little sun!

I got so excited thinking I was going to have grandbaby birds, but, no, they were just checking it out...

Now, this little guy comes around pretty often. He is so pretty and I like him.

I like him alot....


And here is my prize bird, a for real Birdbird. He doesn't come around much at all. There is usually a couple of them. This picture was taken through my kitchen window, no screen so it came out really well. His tummy is more red than it shows in the picture and when he flies, the blue on his wings almost glitter. I really really love him.....

The Blue Jay comes to eat too. He is loud but he is welcome.

This bird is a new one to my yard. He started coming around about 3 weeks ago. I think he is a Black Headed Grosbeak. There are a couple of them, maybe more, it is hard to get them to sit still long enough for me to check them out. I try!

I thought you needed to see more of him.

Just in case you didn't see him the first time...

Last one, I promise.

I took the next three of the front of my house (in case you couldn't figure that out) it was a beautiful day, the sky so blue and clouds so white.

And just a few more flowers.

Sorry, I didn't realize I had downloaded so many.....well, okay I did, I'm just saying I didn't.

Isn't he cute!!!! He thinks he is a bird...

He use's my fence as his freeway to the oak trees across the road.

Okay, we are coming to the end. This is a hummer.

The birds have their own fountain to play in, but they like to sneak over to this one to play in. Can you see the bird on the top?

How about this picture? He is on the side.

This one is better. He's "sitting on top of the world..just singing a song".....Sorry for you youngin's that is from an 'old' song.

Here is one of the little bitty ones.

Okay, thats it folks.........................Aren't you glad!?!?!


Jennifer said...

I love your house!! I want to live there on that big corner. I grew up on a corner lot. I love the little porch and the birds;)

Norma's Nonsense said...

Jennifer, thanks for your sweet words. My home is small, but it is a happy home. Come and sit with me on my porch and have a cup of tea!

corinnea said...

Love the blue sky! Always love the wildlife you have!

insanely crafty said...

love the yard! Looks so pretty. I would love to see more pictures of the fountain!

Joan's Good Life said...

I've really enjoyed seeing your yard and home. You've done some really nice things! Very serene looking back yard. You've got a really good eye for balance and scale. I like that. But I suppose what I really like is that you had the vision and then you put it into reality just perfectly! ;-) And I love all the photo's of the birds. We have a bird watching going on at our house also!