Tuesday, June 14

Not Much of Anything

I don't have much to show for what I've been doing with my time.  I have made more of the coasters that I posted about some time back. Made more of the wrapped bowls.  And been trying to get the backyard looking less like Winter since we 'finally' got Summer!  I've had visitors for the weekend.  And, I've done a lot of playing!  I am getting ready to go on my first cruise ever!  North! To Alaska!  I am excited.  I will be going on 4 excursions, to see the glaciers up close, animals up close and a train ride up high.  Riding a catamaran through the Fjords hoping to see lots of eagles and whales.  I WILL be having room service each morning, early, since that's the way I roll, and then sitting on my balcony drinking it and enjoying the view.  I hear it may rain, it may be foggy, whatever,  even if I have to pull blankets off of my bed to wrap up in, I WILL have coffee on my balcony at least one time.  Paid extra for it, will use it.

I did finally made the Gum Drop Ottoman by Amy Butler. My talented daughter 
gave me the pattern a loooong time ago.  I used material from Joann's Fabric's. I did make mistakes, that's why I used material that was not too expensive.  But, I'm going to make one using a bit nicer material.  I won't make the same mistakes but I'm not expecting perfection out of me, yet.  I love this ottoman and IF I put in the right amount of filler it will hold up my feet better!  Go figure.  It was fun to make and I love the style.  The picture isn't great, but just deal with it.  Sorry, did that sound snippy?  

My nephew saw the recipes of my mom that I had framed for my daughters, my sister and myself.  He sorta, kinda, hinted that he really liked it and would really like to have one too.  So, this is what I did for him.  He doesn't have it yet, but I'll get it to him.  The recipes are in my mom's handwriting; one is on scrap paper with some scribbling on it, it suspiciously looks like something his mom, my sister would have done.  Just saying!    I made a copy of one of the pages out of my mom's beat up cookbook, I just love that old book.  It is so old fashion and looks fun in the background, the other little pictures are from the cookbook too.  There is also a recipe from a newspaper which is dated back in the 70's.  I hope he likes it.

Have to put in at least one plant picture.  Last year this cactus had one or two blooms on it, this year four!  They don't last but a couple of days but the color is SO spectacular, they almost glow.

Anyway, that all folks!  The next blog should be all Alaska!  


Vicki said...

Alaska! Awesome! I was born there, you know, and my brother is retired there. We keep hoping we'll get to go before Dale decides to move. Maybe if we did more than hope it might happen.
Have a great time! I know you will because you make everything fun!
Anxious to hear about it.

Corinnea said...

You gumdrop is great!

You are going to have such fun on your trip.

Love my recipes from Mema frame I know he'll love it too.

Cool cactus!

Jessica said...

Love the pouf Mom made me one and it's in our bedroom! Have fun in alaska! I would be so excited! take lots of pictures

Rhonda said...

Am I being accused of something......I probably did?? I know he'll love it. He was looking at mine again the other day.

Joan's Good Life said...

That is such a wonderful family keepsake. I'm sure all your family members will cherish it!

Love the pouf and good for you for making it. I'm not so sure I'd attempt it myself.

And, ALASKA! How fun! You will definitely have to blog about it with TONS of photographs! I've never been to to Alaska and I would love to go on a cruise! Do tell us EVERYTHING! And I SO want to see you sipping coffee on your balcony! Have someone take a pic.! Bon Voyage!