Tuesday, July 26

Final Alaska Cruise Adventure

When we departed Skagway on Friday evening, we set out for Victoria, Canada.  During the night and on into Saturday, we traveled through many Passages and Straits.  Knowing that this was the last 'hurrah', there was just a tad bit of 'oh rats' this is it!   I don't know if I was ready for the cruise and fun and eating at all times of the day and night, to end!  

We only got to stay for a short time in Victoria and I had picked the Butchart Gardens excursion to go on.  My 5 buddies picked that one too.  We rode a shuttle bus from the port to the gardens and were surprised to find out that our driver was also a comedian and sight seeing guide.  He did make the ride interesting.  We only got to stay about 2 hours at the Gardens and I knew it was going to be a fast walk through. This is my third time to the Gardens, I love going there and would go again.  It was the evening tour, but the evening didn't really get very dark until about the time it was to leave.  My partner in crime and I did a last minute run though to get pictures with the lights on and were almost late getting back on the shuttle.  But, it was worth it.  My camera did not like the way the light was and I did not get it set correctly so my pictures are not as good as my buddy's are, I wish I had hers to share.  But I did get a few....  So, heeeerrrreeees the pictures!

The following picture is watching the sun 'go down' while out to sea.  This was about as dark as it ever got while we were traveling in the Passage.

We passed ships as we were going through the channels.

Just some sky pictures as we we cruising along.
On my balcony looking to the back of the ship.  Aft?
Toward the front.  Forward?

Coming into the port at Victoria.

The Garden - ta da!!   Not dark yet.

Still not dark yet.

They had put in a Merry-go-round since I had been there.  I hope they don't turn the gardens into an amusement park.

My  pictures are starting to get blurry because of the light changing but I love this house.  I want it.  Can you see the little squirrel at the foot of the tree?  He was there 3 years ago when I was there.  I'm sure he is the same one!

Finally starting to get a little dark.  This is when it magically turns into a wonderland, as if it wasn't before.  Also, most of the people were heading back to the shuttle bus.  I would love to be in this garden with no people around, just a friend to share it with.

Well, if I had better pictures there would be lots more.  You are saved by the bad picture taker person.  But maybe, just maybe, you saw enough to want to go.  Do, you won't regret it.  The little town of Victoria is beautiful and you could spent two or three days there exploring it.  

This looks a little more like a sunset.

Goodbye.  :(


Corinnea said...

Such gorgeousness!

Love the gardens. I do hope to go back one day.

Glad you had such a wonderful time!

Jessica said...

so pretty!

Joan's Good Life said...

Lovely! Just lovely! I too would want to be in the gardens after it got dark. The lighting they have makes all the plantings pop and they are places so well that it looks like a fantasy. I've never been there but now that you've showcased it so well (even with the blurry pics) I feel the need, yes, need, to visit that magical place. Thank you Norma!