Wednesday, October 26

A Little Change Inside & Outside Activity

The other day I had this idea!  That could be a good thing or a bad thing!  I really like the change!  It is such a little change and to me it made a big impact.  I have this hallway, I don't like hallways, that I turned into a family photo gallery many years ago.  I keep adding to it or changing it, as my family grows.  It is white and all the frames are black.  I painted a lot of frames that I had to save money recycle them.  I had put a trim up a few years ago, white.  This is a before the little change.

Big oak mirror at the end of the hallway, lots of white.

This is the after little change picture.

Black trim, smaller mirror at end of hallway.  I LOVE it, it really gives it a different look, I think.  And what I think is important, since I have to live here.

I didn't take a before picture of the next part.  It is around the left corner of the hallway.  It had two Thomas Kincade pictures hanging there; I'm tired of Thomas Kincade, have been for a long time.  Recently I and my sister came across some really old pictures of our parents and family.  They are priceless and beautiful.  So, I have decided to add to my 'hall of fame' by hanging them in the a fore mentioned Thomas Kincade space.  It is a work in progress, I still need to get some of the pictures hung, but here is a preview.

I think this part is going to be a really fun one.  

It is interesting how a little change in color can cause a person to make changes in other places.  I have moved and removed and added and changed and put away so many things in the last couple of weeks; I don't know where things are now, I'm surprised when I walk in a room and see the different items that I'm not used to being there.  I'm telling myself how much I like the changes I have made.  I live in a strange world with myself.  Yes I'm weird, but, *said in a whisper* lets keep it a secret.

The next pictures are my token bird and flower pictures.

When I opened up the blinds one morning, this beautiful Morning Glory was saying, "good morning."  The original plant is no longer.....this is from one of the 'many' vines that have taken root in my yard.

The next two pictures are of the Blue Birds and friends having breakfast.  They flew away before I could get a good picture of them.  There was 3 Blue Birds at one time with some Purple Finch and a bunch of the little yellow guys.  I counted a zillon birds, well maybe 10. But there were a lot.


Rhonda said...

I love the hallway. So much more dramatic. Who'd a thunk just painting the rail.

Joan's Good Life said...

Great change! Isn't it amazing how changing one small thing can make such an impact?

The family history wall is wonderful! My mil does has that in her living room wall. Old photo's of grandparents, greats and great-greats. I think it's so interesting!

Corinnea said...

The hallway looks great! The rail and mirror make all the difference!

Love all your other picture too!

Jessica said...

Oh fun! I love switching things up and re-enjoying old things!