Thursday, August 23

It Has Been A While!

It has been too long since I've shared my thoughts or projects that I've done. I did have big plans for the new year: house projects, craft projects, fun things!   Then just into the new year things started happening; those kind of things that tilt your world and brings sorrow of the deepest kind.  It seemed to be the way things were going to be for a while.  It has been a time of losing.  Saying permanent goodbyes to friends.  It has been a time of having things taken out of your control and dealing with it.  A lot of negative!   But, all that causes me to reflect, rethink, to re-purpose. Not just re-purpose things, but me. I have done a lot of re-purposing things and getting rid of things and de-cluttering my space, in my home and in my self.  But, there is always room for improvement.  Even out of so many negative events can come positive.  Positives in people and their attitudes and in their actions.  I choose to look at those, not the people who allow or use the unthinkable sorrows as excuses to behave badly or give up or blame.  It has been a long few months, that have passed very quick at the same time.  And it is now time to get busy and do!

I also can list the good of these past months.  Friends who love, help and stand by you.  Drawing closer and getting to know better those friends.  Having a daughter and her family close by when I needed them.   Spending time with my oldest daughter and her family.  Getting to meet my new great grand daughter and playing with her big (not quite 2) brother.  I just hope I have learned, through all of this, how to be a better friend and family member in the future.  There are many lessons learned that I could write about, but then it would get too boring, so I won't!

There have been random things that I have made that I never shared so I will end this blog with those.

These are a couple of fused pieces I did.  I hope I haven't already posted these, guess I should have checked back blogs. 

Did these two while I was recouping from an accident and needed something to keep my mind busy.  Saw these ideas on Pinterest.  The button tree was wanted by a friend, so she got it.  The torn paper one is hanging length ways in my home.  It does look better length ways and in person.  Really!

 I've painted some cards.

I made this from an old, hand embroidered pillow case of my mom's.   I got this idea from Pinterest also. 

I am working on a project that I am hoping will turn out the way I envision.  One of my talented son-in-laws helped me do some prep work that I knew I would not be able to do.  Those are (hopefully) for Christmas.  I also have a few things in progress so maybe I will have another post up before too long.


Jessica said...

You hadn't posted the blue glass pieces before! They are gorgeous! I love the tops of the small one and the vibrancy of the large one.
I'm glad you're painting again.
I can't wait for Isabella to fit in the dress-- but I am also not ready for her to be that big yet! I have it hanging up at my desk because it's so fun to look at.
Glad you got to come for a visit. I will hopefully go through all of the pictures soon... need to catch up some photo albums!

kms handmade said...

Glad to see you here Norma! I have always admired your family for the way you persevere through hard times with faith and love. I don't know all you went through, but when you would come to my mind I would pray for you and ask Corinnea how you were doing. Love you!

The pieces you made are beautiful! I love that art is so therapeutic.

Joan's Good Life said...

I"m sorry for all the sad things life threw your way this year. Although I have been far from my blog, I have kept in contact through FB and read your posts. I've kept you in my prayers and sent my love your way. I am happy for you and your return to health!

I am impressed with how well you kept yourself busy! Your artistic endeavors were well executed and I am envious of your talents! Love the little cards you painted. Absolutely adorable! I see Etsy in your future! ;-) God Bless

Anonymous said...
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