Wednesday, June 10

Spending time in my 'other' home!

These pictures are not in order, I've just tried to show some of the highlights of my stay in, what I like to call, my other home. Corinnea and Tim took me so many beautiful places and I took so many pictures that I would have to do many blogs to show everything. I hope, for those who have never been to Europe, that these pictures will show a glimpse into the beauty of the country. And for those of you who live in beautiful Germany, I hope I don't disappoint you with my attempt.

The picture of me is taken in Esslingen, a beautiful little town where we ate lunch and walked through the streets and up a hill through the vineyards.

This is a hand woven baby basket. We went to Sindelfingen to a German hand made street faire. There were some really different things and yes, I did do some shopping

This picture is Corinnea and I all dressed up for the Art and Espresso award night. It was interesting to see the art work that the military families had created. Both adults and children enter work for display and judging. There are VERY talented people that my daughter associates with. And this picture also is proof that I did actually....dress up at least one time. Otherwise, I lived in casual! And of course, Brinkley wanted to be in the picture too, he is sooo handsome.

On my last weekend, Tim took us to the Bodensee, we ate, rode the ferry to the Mainau Island (I hope I'm getting the names right). This picture was taken from the Germany side across the lake looking at the Swiss Alps. It was a bit hazy so it's not real clear. The island is a giant flower garden with miniature animals and of course, a place to have a snack. It is a place that you would want to stay in for hours.

This is a picture on the Meersburg side where we ate a lite lunch and then later, after going to the island, we ate a very late dinner.

There is eating places all along this walking area by the lake.

I took this shot while on the ferry coming back to Meersburg. You can see how huge the castle is compared to the places along the water.

This little building is in the Stuttgart area. It is the oldest, still standing, building in that area. Of course it had a place to eat and we did!! Then we went to the zoo. It was soooo hot that day. We sat in the elephants area and watched them play in the pool and eat, it was cool (temp wise) and it was cool to watch.

This picture should be last. Tim had taken us on a drive going toward France, and on the way back we stopped at this fish farm. Corinnea made me catch a poor little fish. She got two, I couldn't watch how she put them out of their misery! Forgot that was what fishermen people did!! Stupid me!
Anyway, took them home and cook and eat them........

This is where we went. The Stauferburg castle. (I think thats the right name) Ate where the umbrellas are and could look over the countryside all the way to France. It was amazing! And the food was good too. Yep, I gained some Germany pounds while I was there, and loved every minute of it.....

This is looking over to France, if it was bigger you could see the Cathedral in Strasbourg.

Just a drive-by picture of the countryside. I think this was the castle as we were approching it.

This is as I was walking up to the castle. As I said, the pictures are not in order.
Okay, thats all for now. Once I get over completey from the jet lag, I probably read this and think I should have waited a bit longer.


Jenny P. said...

I'm so happy I got to see you and spend some time with you (not much though!). I'm also happy you had a wonderful time:) Beautiful photos!

Joan's Good Life said...

Oh my! You make me miss Europe so badly. When I see your pictures and read Corinnea's blog...I miss Europe terribly. But then I look at pictures of your yard and see other things around my town and I'm perfectly content to live right where I am! Hopefully Corinnea will stay in Germany long enough for me to save up for a visit!