Tuesday, July 14

Not been doing much

It has been said before, " just randomness pictures." I have been very scattered for the last month, flitting from one thing to another. Not that, that is bad! I'm kinda liking it. It's like a variety show each day, at the end of the day looking back on all I did and knowing I enjoyed the day. Of course, cleaning house has NOT been on the schedule enough. I seem to get lost outside too often. Just taking out the garbage, can turn into a flower inspection that takes an hour. Now that the 'heat' is back, that will happen less, so maybe I can actually get the inside cleaned. Anywho, here is some pictures of odds and ends around my home. I'm SURE you will find them soooooo interesting. The first picture was to be third in the blog, how it got first, I don't know! It is showing the two pieces of art that I treasure in my little den. One is by Collin, one by his dad done way back in 1981...
Please excuse the light flash on the elephant. I don't claim to be good at picture taking.

I plan on getting Tim's picture reframed, properly. I love this picture and hope he someday starts his drawing again! Hint hint, just saying!!!

This picture Collin did for me before I left to come back home. I love it and am very happy with the way the framing turned out. Collin, I hope you like the way I had them frame your art.

I went to Ikea and got a new setup for my craft corner. I really like the way it looks so much better and it is already pulling me out there to start working on projects. I think one of Jennifer's clever bags would be great hanging on the wall and would help to keep things organized. (Excuse the dirty windows)

Here are some random pic's of the backyard, which I am now calling the design, "California Rustic"! I think it sounds like I actually planned it that way.

This picture is of a waterfall that needs help! HELP!!!

One morning when I got up and opened the window blind over the kitchen window, this is what I saw and for some reason, it made me happy so I took a picture of it. The whole sky looked this way and the morning was a very cool, sweet smelling morning, it all fit together perfectly. I love the way nature does that.

Okay,this is in the frontyard,how did it sneak into the backyard pictures. This is the first bloom of my Tuberose, which is the MOST, sweetest smelling flower. In the cool of the evening you can swell it all the way into the backyard. I have a few spots planted with this flower.

Back to the backyard and a picture of the Butterfly Bush, with a Butterfly, they love this bush.

Can you see him????

Now we are back in the front; I'm such a confused how-to-do a blogger person!

This is by the front door.

It has the biggest blooms.

I love my hummers!!!!!


corinnea said...

Very pretty! Love your "new" craft area. Now, get started!

Patch Multi-Crafts said...

how did I miss this post? Well, I love that new craft table!! Good job on the Ikea find. And I've already told you I love your yard. Just gorgeous! ~~Jennifer